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Saturday, November 10, 2012


Time for another one of my rants:  Yes i know i do this from time to time and i appreciate all your patience with me when having one of my rants, but this is just ludicrous.
We all of us as bloggers know how hard we work for the upkeep of our blogs and take tremendous pride in them even when we get busy with real life and our blogs take a bit of a back seat in the big scheme of things.  I started a Magnolia blog two years ago and called it Marvellous Maggies i gotta tell you i haggled over this name for quite some time before deciding on it, lo and behold if someone doesnt decide to call their challenge blog Marvellous Magnolia, now how close is that for comfort?  Really original wouldnt you say?
I really just wanted to have a little rant and ask those of you that read my blog how you would feel if your blog name was stolen reused?  Couldnt they come up with anything more original?  how do you stumble upon a name and decide well if i misspell marvellous and call it the full Magnolia name, is that acceptable?
Really i often wonder if this blogging lark is worth the trouble.  I have had my Marvellous Maggie blog since early 2011, and now this challenge blog has popped up in October 2012.
Good one! let me hear your thoughts
have a great weekend while i stew in my juices, lol

P:S:  the saddest thing is that there is nothing i can do about it besides for rant on my blog, since this is MY blog i can say what i like.
 i find it hard to believe that the owner of the abovementioned challenge blog didnt know about my name since its been in the Magnolia Ink magazine for two years now and its been all over the Magnolia Sweden blogs etc


  1. Well they did promote the new challenge starting for at least a week now if not longer. Have you thought to contact them and ask them to change it?

  2. Hmmmm..... I suspect they don't know about your blog in the 1st place... Also I believe the lady that set it up is American I understand that is the common spelling in the US.... Maybe it would be a good idea to speak to them about it cos they may not know they have offended you? Sorry your upset tho x

  3. Hi Paola,
    I understand your reaction and your feeling about it. I also believe that they didn't know about your blogname. Talking with them is one thing you can do. On the other way the second name is different. And you can see it as a compliment if they do know your blog. It is a perfect name either way :D
    Hugs, Karin

  4. I can understand how you must be feeling.
    Hopefully you will both get something sorted x

  5. Hello Paola,

    My name is Rina and I am the owner of the Marvelous magnolia Challenge blog. I recieved an email from one of your followers today alerting me to your post today. First let me tell you that I am sorry that the challenge name has caused you grief. I too have a deep love for the darling little Tilda and after seeing 2 of the Magnolia challenge blogs close down, I wanted to get a new one out there. I too thought of many names and it came down to two. I consulted some blogging friends who liked Marvelous Magnolia best, so thats what I went with. I do not believe I have ever been to your blog, as I would have remembered the adorable header you have! I also do not recieve the Magnolia Ink Magazine, nor do I frequent Magnolia Sweden Blogs. As I am sure you know, when setting up a blog, blogger has you insert the name you want and they let you know if that name is available. The name of my new challenge blog was not being used by anyone, therefore I didnt see any reason to be concerned that I was stepping on anyones toes.
    I can only assume you have been to the challenge blog and can see the amount of work that has gone into making it very professional. A DT has been put together, sponsors have committed and challenges have commenced.
    The bottom line and reason for my post is to extend my sincere regret that you have felt violated because there was not intent to harm anyone, instead just a hope for another place for all to share their love of Magnolia.
    It is my great hope that you will reconsider your feelings and join us, as we love the precious Maggies just as you do.

    Very sincerely yours,
    Rina Meyers